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The Role of the “Irfan” Tradition in the Turkification and Islamisation of Anatolia

The Effect of “Irfan” Tradition on Migration and Settlement in Anatolia

Clemency Understanding of the Human Centered Anatolian Irfan

Written and Oral Sources of the “Irfan” Tradition in Anatolia

Tekke, Zawiya and Mausoleums in Terms of Faith Tourism

Tekke, Zawiya and Mausoleums in terms of Architectural Structures and Artistic Properties

Elvan Chelebi Zawiya 

Life of Elvan Chelebi

Religious and Sufi Views of Elvan Chelebi

The Effects of Elvan Chelebi and His Family on the Political, Social, Economic, Religious and Cultural Life of the Period 

Baba Ilyas-i Horasani

The Babai Rebellion

Muhlis Pasha

Ashiq Pasha


The Wafa’iyya

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